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Huge Krugerrand Bulk Lot Sale – 80 Limited Edition Coins All 4 Sizes


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There are 80 coins in total.
24kt gold plated each is an airtight, clear capsule
20 of each size; 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz and 1oz
These are very hard to find sizes and very sought after.

All dated 1967 which is the first year of the Krugerrand
40 of the coins are from a limited edition and numbered

Here is a couple of listing where similar Krugerrand replica coins sell for approx $70-$150 each
and they are the regular 1oz size.

We have been selling Krugerrand 24k .999 Fine Gold clad
coins for over 10 years and during this time
have sold thousands of coins, many times to repeat buyers, you
might even be one yourself.
Some of our customers are collectors, dealers and store owners.
To date our coins have been in presentation boxes, jewelry for men
and women, collections in gorgeous presentations, frames, etc.
A few can be seen here. This is simply a bulk lot.
You are welcome to create to copy any of these and create
your own designs or share with your customers who might own jewelry stores,
sell online, etc. Whether it’s one coin or a collection of 4, the options are
endless – Krugerrands are very popular even as replicas and collectors items.


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